Prefix and Number, Load Limit, Light Weight, Brake Shoe Stencil

When tank cars are built, they are given a prefix and number. This number must appear in the correct locations on the tank car. This number is kept in the Train & Umler Data Specifications file.
Check for clarity and condition of all stenciling. Each tank car is required to be marked per AAR requirements, including stenciling and stamping. Stenciling must be per the applicable specifications and appendix " C " of the AAR " Specifications for Tank Cars."

The letters and numbers must be of a prescribed size, color and in the exact location as per the AAR Regulations.

The 'X' of the prefix stands for private ownership.

For example:

    AIDX 2000 is owned by A.I.D., Inc.

    GATX 2000 is owned by General American Transportation Corporation

Stenciling cannot be changed without contacting your Corporate Logistics Department.

The Load Limit and Light Weight for our tank car are:

192600 LB
87350 KG
LD LMT - Load Limit is the maximum weight of lading that can be loaded in a tank car.

70400 LB
31 950 KG
LT WT - Light Weight is the total weight of an empty tank car, including the trucks and all appliances, rounded to the nearest hundred pounds. A tank car's weight is determined by a certified scale.

Total weight on rail is determined by adding the LD LMT and LT WT together. The combined weight must not exceed the axle capacity limit (i.e., 6-1/2" by 12" axles are rated for 263,000 pounds).

* LD LMT - When a Star (*) is next to the LD LMT, the load limit is less then the original capacity. The star must be applied immediately to the left of the LD LMT. This fixed Load Limit must only be altered by the owner of the tank car.
Brake Shoe Stencil

Tank cars using high friction composition brake shoes must have a brake shoes stencil on all four corners of the tank car. This stencil must indicate the type and size of the brake shoe. This tank car has 1-1/2" high friction composite brake shoes as indicated by the stencil "1 1/2 INCH HF COMP SHOES".
Our tank car has this stencil on the tank near the load limit stencil, but it is sometimes found on the side of the end sill next to the grab iron (as shown here).