To familiarize each student with the techniques and skills needed to effectively, efficiently and safely mitigate an incident involving cylinders and small pipe line. Through the use of detailed instruction and practical demonstrations the student will be able to:

A cylinder can be the most difficult and potentially the most dangerous type of container that an emergency response team can be asked to respond to. This is due to their ability to contain almost any kind of chemical compound and frequent high pressures they contain. In addition, stress caused by excessive pressure may not be readily apparent, resulting in injury or death through the unsuspected and rapid break up of the container while in close proximity to emergency personnel. Small cylinders require additional handling during all phases of their useful life resulting in a greater chance of container failure and product spillage.

This module is designed to familiarize each participant with the strengths and weaknesses of these containers and how to repair / patch, transfer, or safely vent and overpack damaged containers, where practical. It will familiarize each student with the following :

Each segment of the module is designed to build upon itself, through demonstrations and hands-on practice sessions. First without, and then with full protective equipment (Level "B" Suit), and using specially modified leaking pipe brackets, 150 pound cylinders, and ton cylinders the students will practice leak mitigation in a realistic situation.

In order to ensure the program has met its goal and the students are fully qualified as a Technician Level III Responder, all students will be given a pre-test and post-test. In addition, each students skills will be evaluated during each field evolution. Minimum written test scores are 70% while field evolutions require 100% compliance as determined by each instructor. Certificates will be issued to all students meeting this criteria.

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