This is an intense 24 hour course designed to meet the intent of 29 CFR 1910.120 (OSHA) paragraph 1: Site Safety Training, Emergency Responder Off Site. It will familiarize the student with the contents of the site safety plan. On completion, the student can reasonably be expected to understand each line item on a typical site safety plan (e.g. EPA generic plan) and the factors used to determine what needs to be accomplished to complete the response in a safe and effective manner.

Terminating the incident properly can go a long way in making the authorities and people in the community effected by the problem remain confident in you and your company. The dividing line between the specialist and other responders is the ability to take decisive action when confronted with the need to stop a leak coming from any type vessel they've been trained to handle. The intensive nature of this course will prepare the student with the knowledge and abilities required of a specialist.

The program will cover all the steps from identification of the material to terminating the incident and consists of classroom scenarios and full scale, hands-on field exercises under the direction of expert instructors. Students will act as Incident Commander, Safety Officer, Entry Team Members, Backup for entry team and Decon Personnel.

In order to ensure that the program has met its goal and the students are fully qualified as a Incident Commander, all students will be given a pre-test and post-test. In addition, each students' skills will be evaluated during each field evolution. Minimum written test scores are 70%, while field evolutions require 100% compliance as determined by each instructor. Certificates will be issued to all students meeting this criteria.

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