This forty hour workshop has been developed to teach the student to perform the procedures required to confine, contain or control a hazardous materials problem within the capability of the resources and personal protective equipment available.

Modules included in this training program are:

Hazardous Materials Training

Small Containers / Drum Patching


Cargo Tank

Tank Car

Training Aids

The student will be taught to perform hazard and risk assessment techniques necessary to mitigate a hazardous materials incident. Implementation of decontamination procedures is a skill that the student will be able to understand and carry out with a high degree of competence.

After attending the course, a student should also be able to implement a safety plan and have a higher degree of knowledge concerning basic chemical, biological, and technical terminology and behavior.

The program meets all of 29 CFR 1910.120 (OSHA) and NFPA 472 requirements for a Technician Level III program.

The course provides the most thorough hands-on training available, where 75 % of the course is through the use of field evolutions in realistic situations.

In order to ensure the program has met its goal and the students are fully qualified as a Technician Level III Responder, all students will be given a pre-test and post-test. In addition, each students skills will be evaluated during each field evolution. Minimum written test scores are 70% while field evolutions require 100% compliance as determined by each instructor. Certificates will be issued to all students meeting this criteria.

Modules in this program

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